Shop our 2017 team look - the Chicago Flag themed jersey! 

Our 2017 Chicago Jersey was a fan favorite on the road so we've decided to share it! KLiCK teammates have a lot of Chicago pride so it made sense to have our first kit honor the city with the Chicago flag!


This jersey features all of the flag's staples including a bright blue base, four red six-sided stars down a stripe of white and our KLiCK logo on the breast. The left sleeve cuff also features the stars and a red collar rounds out the jersey.


These are made by Vie13 Kustom Apparel. Our 2018 kits and speed suits have been created by Vie13 and they are the most comfortable kits we've experienced so far. Made of great, durable material and fit like a glove.

Please note this is a preorder. The order will close on September 1st and Jerseys will be shipped as soon the order arrives from Vie 13!

You will be taken to our Big Cartel shop website to purchase! Click on the blue Shop button!