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KLiCK was founded to grow track cycling, but don't worry we do all the sports! We believe cycling is about passion, exploration, and pushing personal boundaries. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, we invite you to join our community and embark on an new adventure with us.


Fuel Your Passion, Whatever Your Pace

We cater to a diverse range of cyclists, offering opportunities for both competitive and casual riding experiences:

  • Race Teams: Our dedicated race teams compete at local, regional, and international levels, representing KLiCK at track, road, cross, and gravel races.

  • Club Team: Experience the camaraderie of group rides, coffee breaks, and post-ride hangouts, as we explore scenic routes and create lasting memories together.


We Ride as One

No matter your goals or cycling preferences, you'll find a supportive environment in KLiCK. Our members share a deep passion for cycling and a commitment to fostering a kind environment where everyone can thrive. 



  • Community: We embrace riders of all levels and backgrounds, creating an environment that supports individual growth and meets each person where they are.

  • Epic Adventures: Explore diverse terrains and challenge yourself with a range of rides, from leisurely spins to racing and everything in between.

  • Shared Experiences: Bond over coffee, and shared triumphs, building friendships that extend beyond the bike.


Join the KLiCK community and discover the transformative power of cycling. We're eager to share the ride with you.

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