Riding bikes is all about fun, whether you're thrashing gravel, roiling with group, or pulling Gs around the velodrome. Our aim is to provide a structure through the common experience of bikes; where each member can develop and thrive on and off the bike.

Covid-19 Response

We don’t see any responsible way to hold any type of group ride or going to any mass start event. Therefore, we will not be hosting group rides nor attending any mass start events. 

Based on our understanding of the situation we are encouraging our riders to form small pods (1-5 people) so that they can ride with a training partner(s). We however are still strongly encouraging everyone to stay away from group rides.

This situation is incredibly complicated, and we encourage you to recognize that your actions affect the people you encounter. And we implore you to make smart and considered choices and avoid group rides. We understand that a lot of you have the itch to get back to normal. Remember, the sooner we get the virus under control the sooner we can get back to normal.

These decisions are based on the guidance given by the CDC, City of Chicago, and USA Cycling. See the links below for more information.



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