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Introduction to Gear Selection

If I only get one gear how do I choose the right one?


For every rider gear selection evolves over time and is unique to their ability and cadence preferences. You will know if the gear is to big because it will be really hard to get on top of it. If the gear is to small you will spin out and will feel like you could go faster. In our experience, a 49 x 14 (94 gear inches) is a good starting point for endurance events at Ed Rudolph Velodrome. 

For shorter sprint events the best way to find the right gear is to do a few half lap practice runs with different gears and look at your speed and cadence data. ​You want to choose a gear that maximizes your speed at a cadence that feels comfortable. In our view you want to average about 130-140 RPM over the last 200m. 

Got questions! We like chatting about this so feel free to reach out to us! 

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