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Track Safety

The track is incredibly safe space because the community follows a well established set of rules. 

  • The responsibility of passing safely is on the faster rider

  • Slow riders are responsible for riding in a straight line and allowing faster riders to pass predictably. Never “get out of the way” of a faster rider. Maintain a straight line.

  • The area between the black line and the stayer's line is reserved for faster riders.

  • One meter from the top of the track is reserved as an Emergency Lane and is for riders accelerating for flying starts

  • Best practice is to enter the track on the straights, not in the corners 

  • Before moving up or down the track turn your head in the direction you want to go (it's the equivalent of a turn signal) and check as far back as you can to see if someone is going to pass you. If it's clear start moving up the track very slowly.  If someone is passing you don't move up or down the track. Don't try and get out of the way of a faster rider. 

  • If approaching a slower rider with their head turned in the direction you want to pass shout "stick!" or "stay!" telling the slower rider not turn into you.

  • If you hear "stick!" or "stay!" ride in a straight line (parallel to the lines on the track).   

  • When on the bottom of the track, it is always best to pass slower riders “over the top”.

  • When entering or crossing the track always look both ways.

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