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Join Us!

KLiCK is looking for all kinds of riders who have a passion for cycling. We don't care if you're an expert or if you're just getting started. A cycling club is a good way to get support from others, get excited about cycling, and have a good group to go out and ride with. In addition to our club team, we also have an elite race team. 

How to Join

We have a pretty informal process to join the team. Ideally, you would have joined us for a group ride or two to see if you fit well with the group. Then if you would like to join us reach out to us on either social media or email (info (at) and we'll get you started.  


Our Expectations 

  • Commit to supporting each other's goals

  • Remember that we're here to have fun and be supportive of each other 

  • Members will need to purchase a team jersey (we strongly encourage everyone to get shorts too)

  • Team dues vary based on the age of the rider. For those 25 and under dues are $35, for those 26 and older are $75


Why Do You Charge Dues? 

Dues go to furthering our mission of getting people to the track, supporting our elite riders, and operating the team.

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