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KLiCK is two cycling teams in one. The foundation of the team is a dedicated group of cyclists that comprise the club team who like finding a good ride and a coffee and their memberships supports our racers. We also have a dedicated group of riders who focus on racing and have very ambitious goals. We believe that the marriage of the two groups is our strongest asset since it provides a wide base of support for racers and club members alike. 

KLiCK's race team primarily competes at the velodrome and our members race at the highest levels all over the United States. We believe that the velodrome is a huge asset and is one of the best places to learn how to race bikes. With that end we have been able to get a provide equipment so we can introduce people to the track. We also have several racers who compete in all the sports (Road, Cross, Gavel, and Mountain Bikes) too. 

Meet The Team


Andy is our gentle giant. Despite his muscular build and a face full of beard, Andy is easily the jolliest of us all. He takes pride in his title of Chief Content Officer by orchestrating our beautiful team headshots, keeping our hashtag game strong, and taking GoPro photos and videos of our rides. We especially love him for his colorful socks and jerseys, which help keep the whole group looking spiffy. Speaking of jerseys, did you know his wife designed our current jersey?! When not on two wheels, Andy can be found working at his film and video production company, Thunderlab, which is a fabulous sponsor of KLiCK Cycling!



One day Carlos showed up on a ride, and he hasn’t left us since. Except for that time when he moved to Ohio, but we still love him regardless. As one of our earliest members, Carlos ranks as our Chief Knowledge Officer. Whether it be the who’s who of famed riders in Philadelphia, the latest cycling tech, or anything about cellos, Carlos knows it all. He’s also what makes us a nationwide team! In his spare time, we can find Carlos playing the cello or posting home videos of his cats on Instagram.



Our fearless leader. Our Chief Bicycle Officer. Whether it be working behind the scenes, dominating on the track, or anything else in between, Jake does it all. He is truly a human embodiment of our team’s core mission to support a community of tight knit cyclists and is the glue that keeps us together. When he’s not outdoors with us, you can probably find Jake at home on his watt bike or posting photos to the team’s Instagram.


James R.

Perhaps one of KLiCK Cycling’s greatest crowning achievements is our ability to transform runners and triathletes into full fledged cyclists. Over three years, that is what we’ve done with James. He came to us as a marathon runner and triathlete, but today stands as of our one of our most well-rounded cyclists. His cycling highlights include: crashing to claim Strava KOMs, winning his first-ever races on the velodrome, and bike-touring around Lake Michigan. With a history of year over year progression, we’re excited to see where the bike leads James next. Just hopefully not back to triathlons.



Lance is a fan-favorite among our team. Like many of us, his face is always full of smiles and has a heart of gold. But there’s much more to him than that. With a standing tally of SEVEN bicycles, Lance is a relative novice to weekend riding, but has rapidly achieved weekend warrior status. His “never give up” attitude encourages us to challenge ourselves and push each other to new heights. Needless to say, we’re very excited to see what Lance has up his sleeve for 2019!



Our adopted Canadian. Our engineer extraordinaire. We’re not quite sure where we found Mal, but we sure glad we did! Whether it be the intellectual conversation he brings to the group ride, or the bike maintenance knowledge he drops in the group chat, Mal is a one stop shop for a good time. We’re not quite sure how we feel about his views on the flaws American healthcare, but the stories from his garage more than make up for it.

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Joe S.

If you need a real estate developer, Jack of all trades, and workhouse extraordinaire, then look no further than Joe. Having begun riding per the advice of his physical therapist before the millennium, Joe is now our resident “oldie,” almost always riding a frame that predates the birth of our youngest member. He also occasionally swims, which is furiously frowned upon by his teammates. Luckily for us all, he’s punished for this nonsense by travel constantly getting in the way of his training - having flown the equivalent of more than 50 times around earth.



The man who makes cycling look as easy as cutting through butter with a hot knife. Our pocket rocket. With his genetic gift of cycling strength, Conrad is the powerhouse that keeps our team moving through the dense headwinds of Chicago. He’s known for riding 100 miles solo on a whim, or dropping us all at Baha’i without ever standing out of saddle. Yet, we still love him for his never ending smile, humbleness, and lovable personality. If you lose sight of him on the road, be sure to say hello at our famous post-ride beer gathering!



With his trusty Alchemy and stealthy ENVE wheels, Greg is the smiling face that every team needs! Whether it be ensuring that stragglers know the route or routinely bringing new faces to the ride, Greg is the gatekeeper to our ever-welcoming community. In his free time, he enjoys taking beautiful trips to España and working in the financial industry, though he insists “I’m not a banker.” Beware, though, of his wily sneak attacks and strong pulls on Greenbay Road!


James F.

The only thing you need to know about the other James on our team, James F, is that the chainring on his bike is larger than most dinner plates. James’ cycling passion started as a fixie hipster who rode year-round to work, but has since been revised to only riding indoors or in a giant oval. Although he exclusively rides the track, we’re happy to have managed to get him on the road a couple of times in 2018. In his spare time, James can be found brainstorming how his 3 month old baby will become the next great American cyclist and “reading research for fun.”



Do you love data, power meters, and cadence style? Do you need someone to report a false Strava KOM? If so, then you’ll love John! After being dropped on the Wednesday Night Ride in 2015, John has now become one of the strongest riders of KLiCK Cycling. With his white Bontrager helmet and “Chatty Cathy” personality, he’s a hard one to miss. In his free time, he enjoys: spin classes, painting his house, and telling Luke how the group must stop for a Cinnayum at ArrivaDolce before going any further.



Luke is an enigma that we struggle to explain. When we first met him, he was the strong skinny young guy. He once held the Baha’i KOM, rode 60+ miles with ease, and pulled the group for 20 miles at a time. Nowadays, Luke’s fitness fluctuates between “that’s what you get for not riding” and “how is he this strong with such little riding?!”. He famously organizes rides and then doesn’t show up. We still love him, though, for the entertainment and 20-something year old insights that he brings to the group. Come join us sometime, and perhaps you’ll experience the enigma.






Everyone should have a citizen from the Czech Republic in their life, and we’re overjoyed to have Vojta as part of ours! His smiling face never fails to warm our group, even on the coldest of Chicago’s rideable days. We’re fairly certain that Vojta and Luke are in competition with each other to be the skinniest and tallest member of the team, so be sure to come cast your vote on one of the group rides! In his spare time, Vojta can be found taking baby-prep classes or enjoying a cold pint of Czech Pilsner.

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