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Thursday Night Racing

Thursday Night Racing

Thursday night races are typically endurance events; however, there are a few keirin nights every year.

Each category races 3 events per night ranging from 5 laps or 1.9km (1.2 miles) to 100 laps or 16km (10 miles).

Each Thursday has different races the main race of the night is listed on the race calendar (more information here).

Thursday night events require a USA Cycling (USAC) license. USAC (our governing body) sells one day licenses so you can try it out without having to buy a yearly license.


Thursday night racing starts 5/12/2022 and ends 9/1/2022.

Racing starts at 7:00 pm and the last race ends around 10:00 pm - some people don't do all three races and go home early.

Typically people arrive at the track around 6:00-6:45 to check in and warm up.

Racing happens every Thursday unless there is bad weather.

If there is bad weather check @edrudolphvelo on twitter. If there is no cancelation tweet then there is racing.

Cost: the night cost $30! Yep its a good deal for three races!

Start lists and results for every event is posted to:

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